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KanjiQuick (Japanese Kanji Dictionary) 2.2.

KanjiQuick (Japanese Kanji Dictionary) 2.2.

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KanjiQuick (Japanese Kanji Dictionary) Publisher's Description

KanjiQuick gives you easy access to more than 6500 Japanese kanji characters and more than 47.000 jukugo compounds. It has all the data included in Spahn/Hadamitzky's Japanese-English Character Dictionary. Input stroke number, radical, a single kun or on reading of an unknown kanji and KanjiQuick displays all the information you need: all readings, all meanings (detailled explanations in English or German) and all compounds for any of the characters. KanjiQuick also displays the stroke order for all jouyou kanji (animated). Furthermore, KanjiQuick has all information on character codes (Unicode, JIS, Shift JIS, EUC and more), on frequency and all kanji compounds. KanjiQuick will tell you when a kanji belongs to the jouyou group or to one of the 6 kyouiku kanji grades and which grade it is given in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. KanjiQuick will give you the meanings for any compound and full information for any single kanji in the compound. A database update service including local and personal names is available, too. Kanji Transer translation feature: Input Japanese text [e.g. MS WORD-documents, email or HTML documents from the internet] to the translation window and KanjiQuick will display lexical information on all the kanji and kanji compounds in the text in less than a minute. A vocabulary list will be displayed and may be saved. Dctionary entries can be added or edited by the user. KanjiQuick is linked to the EDICT Japanese-English dictionary data edited by Jim Breen (more than 100.000 entries). Installation requirements: Windows 2000/XP and most but not all 98/ME systems. File size (including data) is 40 MB. KanjiQuick will run on most PCs with at least 266 MHz CPU and 64 MB RAM. However, for best performance a CPU speed higher than 600 MHz, RAM from 128 MB is strongly recommended. Order only if you are fully satisfied with the performance of the demo version (which offers all features available in the registered version). KanjiQuick Voice (product no. 167697) has all features of KanjiQuick and in addition will enable you to have read any Japanese text by a high quality female voice. If you are a student a special student discount may be available (contact

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